Maintenance of untreated natural wooden tables made easy – tips from the House Fairy

Many dining room tables and kitchen and terrace tables are made of untreated wood. Its unique appeal reflects the “country style” or “bohemian” trends again.

But what is the best care for the surface of a wooden table without a painted surface?

Is wax or oil a better treatment?

Carnauba wax dissolved in water with no additives and is certainly a good alternative that leaves a clean surface. However, oils, on the other hand, often contain solvents, resins, and essential oils as additives. Thus, many friends with allergies do not like oil because of the pollutants and allergy-triggering ingredients. Particularly, those with sensitivity to chemicals would rather choose a completely untreated surface.

Pure Nature House Fairy Tips: Care of untreated solid wood tables

Wash the table after every meal with a cloth and soapy water.

What should be done to grease stains from food or water stains from a glass on the table?

No problem: Just give a little Vienna lime or other fragrant free scouring powder on a cloth or cleaning gloves and scrub the surface lightly. In no time the stains are gone and the surface is sparkling clean.

An added bonus effect: The surface of the wooden table from the fine-grained sand or lime leaves the surface quite smooth and velvety.